Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Overseas Delivery to Rise

Following on from their 01 July increases in airmail prices to the USA, the Royal Mail have announced a further round of increases effective Tuesday, 01 September 2020.

The destinations most affected are those outside (geographic) Europe but not the USA. Some of the changes are significant especially those for the lower weight parcels.

Two months between price rises! It takes me a couple of hours to change everything. Once a year was bad enough but this is the third increase in six months. I'm really glad I'm retiring as this is beyond a joke.

As always now is a good time to order to avoid the increases which I will implement on Sunday, 30 August 2020.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Last Warning For USA Customers

Responding to US Government action, Royal Mail will increase its charges for small parcels to the USA next week by 40-50%. Our charges will increase in line with these price rises from Mon, 29 June.

Full details & background.

If you are in the USA, and thinking about ordering, this weekend is your last chance with the current lower delivery charges.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Vexillia's 15 mm Medieval Ranges

As a result of some brisk sales, I am left with very little stock of the generic medieval and late Polish ranges. I have only a few medieval handgunners left in stock.

As these ranges are for sale I had the moulds returned to me and I thought I had enough horses for all the cavalry codes. Not so. This afternoon I sold enough cavalry packs to use up the last horses. Unfortunately, I still have a fair few sets of riders left over.

So I've decided to put rider only packs up for sale on the off chance someone is interested; perhaps you are looking to add extra variety to your army. The rider packs come with weapons and shields as appropriate; they just don't come with horses. They will fit Essex horses and firms like Ancient & Modern are happy to sell cast horses in a variety of poses.

I can't stress enough that there are no horses with these packs. Only 171 days to go until I retire!