Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Announcement For USA Customers

On Wednesday, 01 July the Royal Mail will increase the cost of sending small parcels airmail to the USA. This is due to unilateral moves by the USA to increase its charges to other members of the UPU. So if you are in the USA and thinking of ordering June would be a good time.

This price rise only affects parcels sent to the USA that are more than 25 mm deep (so called small parcels). However, it is a significant change because it's a large one: an increase of between 40-50%.

The cost of airmail letters and parcels less than 25 mm deep (so called large letters) will not go up. Neither will the slower Surface/Economy airmail service. The latter service is available via the web shop.

We have always based all delivery costs, including the minimum charge, on the small parcel rate despite the fact that some orders, especially books and flag sheets, can be sent using the cheaper large letter service. This is because one "large" item, like a Baudea tent, can require us to use the more expensive small parcel service.

For large orders, that can be sent by the large letter service, there is often a discrepancy between what we have charged for delivery and the costs involved. For many years we have dealt with this situation by issuing discretionary refunds on larger orders so that the delivery charges more closely reflect our costs; subject to a minimum charge.

The impending price rise means that the new minimum charge for parcels destined for the USA, will be significantly more than the cost to us if the order can be sent in a large letter. In short we can no longer use the minimum delivery charge as a basis for issuing refunds.

Therefore from 01 July 2020 a USA specific minimum charge, equal to the World Zone 1 minimum charge (currently £8.25), will be used to calculate any refunds rather than the lowest World Zone 3, small parcel charge (£12.00). Please note, any refund is discretionary, subject to certain restrictions and is not applied automatically.

We will continue to operate this policy but if you are in the USA, and are at all concerned, you may prefer to get a specific quote rather than use the web shop.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The Countdown Continues

It is now less than 200 days before the web shop closes. It's not like I'm counting.

Sales of Freezywater books & flag sheets are very strong. Thankfully I can still get fresh stock of both so I'm not in any danger of running out; unless Freezywater themselves run out.

Finally, sales of my last remaining stocks of figures and models continue at pace. Being 50% off has helped sales. Get them while you can.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Mirliton - Only Command Packs Left Now (Almost)

As the 50% off clearance sale continues it seems that the officers & commands have decided to stay behind to cover the retreat!

Of the 8 codes I have left in stock 7 are command packs of one sort or another. The 8th pack is the redoubtable "Fighting Friars" adding much need morale support.

Get them while you can. When they are gone they are gone.