Friday, 28 November 2014

Change To Sale Of Pdfs

On 01 January 2015 the EU will introduce new VAT legislation covering the sale of digital goods such as pdfs and ebooks. This is not good news.

The real issue is the data collection and retention rules that accompany these changes. They are onerous in the extreme.

As a result I have today moved nearly all the pdfs previously on sale here to the Wargame Vault portal. Sadly, I've had to increase the prices to cover the cost of using the portal. The shop pages have been updated with appropriate links.

The one exception is v2.0 of Conflict At The World's End where I will continue to handle orders until the end of the year. This is mainly to keep the price as low as possible and to offer low cost upgrades. At the end of the year this too will be switched to the Wargame Vault.