Friday, 14 November 2014

Corvus Belli 15 mm Ceased Production

I have just been informed that Corvus Belli have temporarily ceased production of all of their popular 15 mm historical ranges. The switch may become permanent and as far as I know there are no immediate plans to resume production.

The last production run was sometime ago. Corvus Belli have no immediate plans to sell the ranges either. Their other ranges are unaffected

It is a great shame to see such great ranges fade away like this.

I am currently in negotiations with Corvus Belli with a view to buy their remaining stock: I will try and buy as much as I can. In the meantime I have changed the status of the affected ranges to OOP and will only sell stock I have to hand.

When Venexia closed down I was deluged with orders. I expect this to happen with these ranges. Occasionally, it will be a struggle to keep all the web pages and the online stock listings up to date so I ask for your understanding and patience.