Friday, 1 January 2016

Mirliton Announce Price Rise

Mirliton announced their first price rise since April 2013 to the trade as follows:

"In recent years we have maintained our prices during difficult financial times for all of us. Unfortunately, continued increases in material prices and other costs mean that we must succumb to the inevitable and increase our prices.

Effective Mon, 11 Jan 2016 all our prices will increase by 12.6%."

This is a large increase by any measure but as they go on to say in their trade release:

"We hope you understand that this change is necessary if we are to continue to provide the best miniatures manufactured to the highest quality."

I had hoped that the current weakness of the Euro would help offset some of the price rise but the foreign exchange market is currently extremely volatile. The Euro has both risen and fallen by 6% against Sterling since the middle of October 2015 making setting UK prices very difficult indeed.

As always, changing the prices will take some time. I will try and maintain my current prices until the end of January to allow you to order at the old prices.