Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Special Order Ranges

From the beginning of Vexillia I've offered a special order service enabling customers to order items I didn't have in stock.

For some years I've also had shop pages for the most popular special order ranges complete with "buy now" buttons.

Times change as do customer expectations. Now any item with a "buy now" button is assumed to be immediately available from stock; even if there are notices to the contrary elsewhere on the page.

Just recently I've had far too many disappointed customers. They didn't realise that delivery would take weeks not days. Therefore I have decided to simplify the way special orders are handled.

From now on special orders will only be accepted via email. All shop pages for special order ranges have been removed and replaced by pdf catalogues.

I know it's not quite as convenient as click and pay. However, it will guarantee customers know exactly when orders are likely to arrive before they confirm their order.

There's one big positive: this will allow me to accept orders and defer payment until just before I place my trade order.