Friday, 6 May 2016

X Corps - In Development

The development of the second card game in the Somme Series, X Corps, is now well under way. The new card decks have been designed and tested.

Historically X Corps faced a much easier task than VIII Corps so the game has a finely balanced set of victory conditions although the British still face a difficult task.

The cards and rules for X Corps are built on those used for VIII Corps with the addition of some new cards and mechanisms. X Corps introduces the use of “No Man’s Land” reflecting its importance to both sides and the German use of artillery in both tactical defence and in supporting counter-attacks.

The release of X Corps is pivotal to the rest of the Somme Series of card games. In the coming months we will be releasing three further games: III, XV and XIII Corps. They will use the same rules as X Corps with card decks tailored to match the different experiences of each Corps on July 1st 1916. Therefore we are taking extra care to ensure the X Corps rules are "spot on".

III, XV and XIII Corps will be released as supplements to X Corps and contain just a set of cards. You will need a copy of X Corps to play these games.

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