Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Somme Series News

X Corps, the second game in the Somme series of card games, will be released this coming Friday 01 July and work on the third game, III Corps, is well under way.

To mark this, and the centenary of the first day of the Somme, there will be a 72 hour flash sale of VIII Corps the first game in the series.

From 30 June the game will be reduced to $12.00 when bought using these links: A4 (Euro) and US letter (N America).

One note of caution: the timing of the start of the sale will be governed by the time zone used by the Wargame Vault web site which is in the USA. This shouldn't be a problem unless you are trying to use the links in the early hours of Thursday: just try again after 08:00 GMT.