Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Mirliton Stock Update

It's now over a year since my commercial relationship with Mirliton ended and my last stock arrived. Since the January update below I have sold a decent amount of my once considerable 15 mm stock so an update is in order.

I currently have the following in stock: medievals (348) and ancients (37). I also have decent stocks of 25 mm spare heads and weapons (207).

Naturally, some ranges have proved more popular than others. Both the Swiss Burgundian Wars and the Medieval Russians ranges have only a few codes left. In contrast the Medieval Italian range remains well stocked. I'm surprised as the figures are great and ideal for the Crusades as well as Western Europe.

I have had a few customers who've delayed their purchases only to find the packs they wanted had sold out. The message is simple: get the packs you need while you can and avoid disappointment.

Finally, customers looking to place large orders should get in touch by email as there may be a discount to be had.