Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Vexillia's 15 mm Medieval Ranges

As a result of some brisk sales, I am left with very little stock of the generic medieval and late Polish ranges. I have only a few medieval handgunners left in stock.

As these ranges are for sale I had the moulds returned to me and I thought I had enough horses for all the cavalry codes. Not so. This afternoon I sold enough cavalry packs to use up the last horses. Unfortunately, I still have a fair few sets of riders left over.

So I've decided to put rider only packs up for sale on the off chance someone is interested; perhaps you are looking to add extra variety to your army. The rider packs come with weapons and shields as appropriate; they just don't come with horses. They will fit Essex horses and firms like Ancient & Modern are happy to sell cast horses in a variety of poses.

I can't stress enough that there are no horses with these packs. Only 171 days to go until I retire!